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  1. PPE - What does it mean?

    PPE - What does it mean?

    PPE, furlough and lockdown are words we will all associate with 2020 and the Coronavirus outbreak.  As most people will now know PPE stands for Personal Protective Euiqpment.  For many years Direct Lockers have been the leading supplier of PPE storage lockers and cupboards to the NHS, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.  Each locker compartment door is individually labelled with the "Personal Protective Equipment" mandatory label and incorporates a label holder.  All lockers are powder coated with anti-bacterial paint.

    PPE Lockers

    It is highly recommended that all PPE is stored separately

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  2. What lock type is right for my Locker?

    What lock type is right for my Locker?

    The right lock type for your locker is dependant on the application.  If you are in a commercial/industrial environment, key or swivel locks to accept a padlock are ideal.  If your lockers are used by more than one person - in a gym or communal changing area - where key locks would be difficult/a nightmare to administer, then a coin or token lock may be more suitable.


    Lock Types


    Swivel (hasp and staple) keyless lock to accept a padlock

    Swivel locks can be used where the user either supplies (or is issued with) their own padlock application?


    Key (cam) lock with 2 keys

    The "cam" in a cam lock is the arm which locks the door which keeps the door shut (locked)

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  3. Guide to Police Lockers

    Guide to Police Lockers

    With the ever increasing amout of equipment Police Officers require, at Direct Lockers we have 3 different Police Lockers, all aimed to satisfy the need for increased storage.

    Our lockers are specifically designed to meet the eeds of UK Police Authorities.  From the storage of airwave radios through to PSU bags, we have a locker to suit.

    Lockers are able to store bulkier items such as riot gear, stab vests, boots and helmets, as well as small personal items.  Each locker has a hat shelf with a hanging rail below.


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  4. Guide to buying Primary school Lockers

    Guide to buying Primary school Lockers

    - What height lockers are suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils?

    Standard locker height is 1800mm high, with the popular door configuration being 4 doors high.  In primary environments, the top door is often too high for pupils to reach. To overcome this we supply 'primary height' lockers in two dedicated sizes, 1350mm and 900mm having 3 and 2 doors in the height, respectively.

    - What locks should I choose?

    For primary pupils, our hard and fast rule is NO KEYS.  We already recommend having our keyless swivel latch lock which allows doors to be shut and kept in place with a simple finger

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  5. 101 things you can store in a Locker

    101 things you can store in a Locker

    Every user of a locker will at one time have stored something out of the ordinary inside it - and if they haven't, why not?  At Direct Lockers, lockers are our business and we are experts in their uses.

    Lockers have a multitude of uses; in fact, we have listed 101 things for inspiration below!  The most obvious being to store personal belongings whilst at work or play, but as we discover later the increase in online shopping has created a need to store all sorts of items from A-Z.

    If you have more - we would love to hear from you at [email protected] (

    Laptop Lockers 

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  6. How Safe are Laptop Lockers?

    How Safe are Laptop Lockers? 

    The world in which we live and work is changing at a rapid pace,  In schools, pupils' textbooks have been replaced by iPads.  At work, the notion of a job for life (often at the same desk), has been replaced by a furrowed brow if you don't move jobs every couple of years.  The idea of a desk being occupied by one person has also changed into hot desking.  With this change comes the need for employees and their technology to be flexible.  Gone are the Tower PCs, replaced by laptops, tablets and the ever-present Mac Books (in Starbucks and Costa at least!).

    Due to this sea-change in the way all of us work, the need to store and/or charge our mobile devices, which besides being volatile in terms of their use and what they contain; are also expensive items to purchase and replace if lost or stolen.

    Consequently, here at

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