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Guide to Police Lockers

Guide to Police Lockers

With the ever increasing amout of equipment Police Officers require, at Direct Lockers we have 3 different Police Lockers, all aimed to satisfy the need for increased storage.

Our lockers are specifically designed to meet the eeds of UK Police Authorities.  From the storage of airwave radios through to PSU bags, we have a locker to suit.

Lockers are able to store bulkier items such as riot gear, stab vests, boots and helmets, as well as small personal items.  Each locker has a hat shelf with a hanging rail below.

All of our lockers are 1800mm high x 600mm deep and available in Z depths 450mm and 600mm.



Police 1 (P1) - this model has a signle solid door with an aperture to hold a CS cannister.                                                     



Police Locker - P1

Police 2 (P2) - The single door has perforated panels to aid ventrilation.  It aso has a lockable 6" (150mm) perspec cube integrated to the door, whih is locked fromthe inside.

Police Locker - P2

Police 3 (P3) - A single door locker with 2 rows of perforations close to the base.  The door have a CS cannister holder and an airwaves compartments which can be opened from the outside.

Police Locker - P3



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