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How Safe are Laptop Lockers?

How Safe are Laptop Lockers? 

The world in which we live and work is changing at a rapid pace,  In schools, pupils' textbooks have been replaced by iPads.  At work, the notion of a job for life (often at the same desk), has been replaced by a furrowed brow if you don't move jobs every couple of years.  The idea of a desk being occupied by one person has also changed into hot desking.  With this change comes the need for employees and their technology to be flexible.  Gone are the Tower PCs, replaced by laptops, tablets and the ever-present Mac Books (in Starbucks and Costa at least!).

Due to this sea-change in the way all of us work, the need to store and/or charge our mobile devices, which besides being volatile in terms of their use and what they contain; are also expensive items to purchase and replace if lost or stolen.

Consequently, here at ( we often get asked: "How Safe are Laptop Lockers?"

The question about safety is two fold - firstly, are the laptops going to be secure when stored within a locker?; secondly, is the method of charging safe?


All our laptop lockers - storage and charging have 8 differing locks available.

Options to suit the needs of your organisation.

Standard Cam Locks - a micro sprung 10 disc lock with 3000 differs in the series.

Hasp and Staple (swivel latch lock) - to accept users own padlock (shank diameter 5-7mm).

Radial Pin Cam Locks - this is designed for greater levels of security, having 10,000 combinations.

Reprogrammable 4-digit combination locks htps:// - this lock also has 10,000 combinations and is reprogrammable by using an override key.

Digital combination locks - this lock has 40,000 combinations and can be opened in an emergency using the service key, battery operated, the batteries last up to 50,000 operations.

RFID Keyless Digital combination locks - this lock provides contactless RFID locking, which can be used independently or paired to an existing wireless system.  The lock is compatible with many wireless structures including RFID and NFC.

Token Return Locks - locks are available with token £ or € denominations.  Only available on large door lockers.

If it can happen to the  staff at the BBC, then theft can happen anywhere


With regard to the selling element of "Safe" - How Safe is the Charging Process?

All our lockers can be supplied with AC/DC charging options.  Each individual compartment has a 3-pin mains socket to enable laptops to be charged.  There is also the option for a 2.1 amp USB socket to be incorporated enabling laptops to be charged without the power cable.  It should be noted that the charging lockers are also suitable for the charging of various devices - phones, tablets, body cams, PDAs, hand tools and cordless tool batteries.

Among the other features which help to make the charging of laptops as secure as possible, they include:-

The rear panel of charging locker is perforated, which allows for dissipation of the generated heat.

They are tested to BS 6396:2008

Now when we have the "How Safe are Laptop Lockers?" conversation with our customers, we are able to talk them through the various options, depending on their own needs.  We are also able to reassure them regarding the safety features, both in terms of the security features which are available for them to choose from, as well as the safety of the charging of their devices.




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