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What lock type is right for my Locker?

What lock type is right for my Locker?

The right lock type for your locker is dependant on the application.  If you are in a commercial/industrial environment, key or swivel locks to accept a padlock are ideal.  If your lockers are used by more than one person - in a gym or communal changing area - where key locks would be difficult/a nightmare to administer, then a coin or token lock may be more suitable.


Lock Types


Swivel (hasp and staple) keyless lock to accept a padlock

Swivel locks can be used where the user either supplies (or is issued with) their own padlock application?


Key (cam) lock with 2 keys

The "cam" in a cam lock is the arm which locks the door which keeps the door shut (locked) or allows it to be opened when the key is inserted and turned.

On most locks, a padlock with a shackle size of 5-7mm is required.


4-digit combination lock.

A locker is only as secure as the lock. The 4-digit combination locks do not require a key, as they are locked using the user's own 4-digit combination.  They can be supplied with a master key allowing access in the event of the user forgetting their code.

The 4 digit combination locks have been designed to be as robust

The housing and all internal components are made from a tough zinc alloy – no cheap plastic parts!

With a massive 10,000 possible combinations, you can be assured that it is a tough ask for any thief to stumble across the combination.

The lock is easy to reprogramme and emergency access is quick and simple with the reset key.

To set new code users simply hold the button on the side of the lock (when open) and turn the dials to the new code, release the button and the new code has been set.

Lost codes can be found using the reset key.

No keys mean less time dealing with lost keys and less cost in replacement keys making this lock ideal for use in schools and busy offices.

The lock is fitted with a standard 19mm x 16mm threaded barrel making it easy to retrofit to existing lockers. Suitable for doors up to 22mm thick. Various cams are available.


Electronic Locker Lock

The electronic lock can be easily switched between single and multiple user mode.  It also has a master key override for emergency access.

The modern design and premium materials make the electronic locker lock ideal for health clubs, athletic and recreation facilities, gyms, spas, and country clubs.




Coin Return Operated Lock

This lock is specifically designed for multiple users.  The coin is inserted in the rear of the lock, and only once this has been done will the key be released when the door has been locked.

When the user inserts the key, the coin is returned, whilst the key is retained within the lock, ready for the next user.

 Coin Return Locks are often used on lockers in the following locations:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Workplaces
  • Sports facilities
  • Leisure facilities










A coin retain lock works in the same way as a coin return, but this lock has a coin box below the lock and the coin is retained rather than returned.  This is used as a revenue system for the owners of the locker.

Coin retain locks are great for lockers in public spaces such as stations and airports, or even gyms and leisure centres where lockers are needed for frequent temporary use. This type of lock charges users to store their belongings safely. 







RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

The RFID lock works by holding a proximity media card against the lock to either lock or open the locker door.

The RFID lock is the easy way to manage your locker room for day use, rental lockers, or a combination of both. A simple user-interface, featuring either keypad or RFID credential, and bold aesthetics, elevate the locker room experience in any facility.





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