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Guide to buying Primary school Lockers

Guide to buying Primary school Lockers

- What height lockers are suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils?

Standard locker height is 1800mm high, with the popular door configuration being 4 doors high.  In primary environments, the top door is often too high for pupils to reach. To overcome this we supply 'primary height' lockers in two dedicated sizes, 1350mm and 900mm having 3 and 2 doors in the height, respectively.

- What locks should I choose?

For primary pupils, our hard and fast rule is NO KEYS.  We already recommend having our keyless swivel latch lock which allows doors to be shut and kept in place with a simple finger turn of the lock.  Security and locking away of valuables is not a priority within the primary school environment.  The priority is to ensure pupils belongings - book bags, coat, lunch box, PE kit - (and in the winter hat, scarf and gloves), are contained within a locker, with the door firmly shut.  Ensuring doors are shut and stay shut provides a neat and tidy storage station.

- My budget is not sufficient for me to equip the whole school

This is a common issue we come across.  Our advice is to pick a supplier who has been in business for a long time.  This means, if you need to phase installation for the whole school over 3-4 years it will ensure continuity of supply.  Similarly, pick a brand name you can trust, such as Probe Lockers - again this will ensure that the lockers you buy in Year 1 are still available 3-4 years later.

- Flat top or sloping top lockers?


A number of our school customers opt for standard flat top lockers, even on the low height primary range.  One of the considerations in this decision relates to budget, another is will they become "dumping grounds"?  This is both for pupils using the top of the lockers as extra storage, as well as members of staff finding them a useful shelf for their coffee cups! The best use of the top of the lockers we have seen is where they have been utilised as additional display space for pupils work, such as clay and papier mache models. 

- What colour should we choose?  

Lockers would normally be supplied with a grey body and a choice of door colour.  For primary schools, we find that primary colours work best.  The configurations for the doors consists of either horizontal or vertical strips of differing colours.  By far the most popular colour combination we supply is a harlequin pattern of red/blue and yellow doors.  We are also often asked if we can supply the doors to suit either house colour of the school's own colour scheme, all we need is a RAL number, to get the process underway.  However, as with colours of cars you drive, the colour of lockers is very subjective.



Now that we have given you food for thought with regards to your school lockers why not use our 30 years of experience, by giving us a call on 0800 043 0108.  We can also arrange a site visit to ensure lockers will fit and will be the right size for the key stage pupils involved.  If installation is required, we can look at this for you too!



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