Storage Solutions

Biggest ever range, best ever value

Our vast range of Storage Lockers include single, 2,3,4,5, and 6 compartment lockers.  We also supply Personal Effects Lockers ideal for gyms and leisure centres, Our Wire Mesh Lockers are used widely within the building and construction industry, whilst the retail sector prefer our Vision Panel Lockers.

  1. Probe Single Lockers
    Probe Single Lockers Prices from £99.00
  2. Probe Compartment Lockers
    Probe Compartment Lockers Prices from £130.00
  3. Probe Personal Effect Locker
    Probe Personal Effect Locker Prices from £364.00
  4. Wire Mesh Lockers
    Wire Mesh Lockers Prices from £157.00
  5. Probe Vision Panel Lockers
    Probe Vision Panel Lockers Prices from £174.00
  6. Probe Uniform and Janitor Lockers
    Probe Uniform and Janitor Lockers Prices from £179.00


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