Module Type C

Module type C DL71 Healthcare Storage Modules.  Constructed specifically to accommodate medical trays and with a high load capacity of up to 120kg per bay. The DL71 system is more than robust enough to exceed the requirements placed on it by todays demanding clinical environments. Range of modules available in flat pack for easy storage and delivery. Bays accommodate a range of 600 x 400mm baskets. Modules are finished with Light Grey powder coating which incorporates BioCote anti microbial silver-based technology.   Fully open units provide easy visibility to all items stored.   Open units make cleaning easier.  Rigid and shock-resistant baskets are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 85C and can accommodate a maximum load of 20kgs.  Colour: Light Grey Biocote reduces the levels of harmful bacteria such as e-coli, MRSA & Salmonella on contact surfaces up to 99.9%.  All dimensions height x width x depth (external).

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